5 Easy Ways to Increase Testosterone

Before We Start – A Word on Erectile Dysfunction

There seems to be a myth going around that masturbation reduces testosterone levels while sex doesn’t. That’s not entirely accurate. The real problem seems to be hyper-stimulation, in this case, from porn. Often, men with porn-induced erectile dysfunction had healthy testosterone levels.

Remember; Sex is both a physical and mental. Porn also seem to screw around with your reward/satisfaction centers in your brain. Some men with porn-induced ED have tried testosterone supplementation, with no success. When these same men rebooted (going cold-turkey by cutting porn viewing), their ED was cured. Read more here.


A good habit to have anyway, exercising helps boosts testosterone levels in your body. Not all exercises are equal though.

Endurance and resistance training increases testosterone briefly, while strength and weight training with shorter rest periods seem to have a larger effect effect on testosterone levels. Basically, the higher intensity the workout is, the stronger the testosterone boost.

As always however, rest is also important. Over-training not only reduces testosterone levels in your body, but increases unwanted stress hormone levels as well.

Eat Well

As always, eating well makes a difference, but the biggest issues that needs to be corrected now is mainly fat, carbohydrate and cholesterol intake.

Fat used to be demonized, and a lot of people got sick because of it. Of course, this doesn’t mean the one should attack fried foods with wanton abandon; It just means that we should eat more of the right kinds of fats.

Avoid trans fats (i.e. margarine), go easy on saturated fats (i.e. animal fats), but go ham on monounsaturated fats (mostly from plants, i.e. coconut/avocado/olive oil).

Refined carbs, especially from grains, should be avoided too; They are known to promote systemic inflammation of the body. This increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which then reduces overall testosterone levels.

Cholesterol is another demonized category that is actually essential to your survival. No cholesterol = no cells, and lowered testosterone production. So those nutritious egg yolks for example? Feel free to have some.

Lose Fat

The link between obesity and low testosterone levels is found in men at all ages, even in young men and teenagers.  In fact, the common decrease in testosterone seen in older men is not due to age, but rather to increasing body weight.

While the actual reason behind it is still being researched, this correlation is pretty much concrete. What’s worse, this is a vicious cycle; Obese men are more likely to have low testosterone, and men with very low testosterone are also more likely to become obese.

Here’s the great thing though – It also works the other way round. The more fat you lose, the higher your testosterone levels are going to be… And the higher your testosterone levels, the more likely you are to lose fat.


Turns out, this is 1 of the more important ways to keep testosterone levels healthy.

And it’s not just the length of sleep, the quality of said sleep matters as well. Your body produces testosterone in your sleep, preparing you for the next day. Some studies that compares 2 groups that slept for 4 and 8 hours showed that those who slept for 8 hours had practically double the amount of testosterone.

So, practice proper planning, get longer, better sleep (in the dark, without viewing electronics before sleeping, etc), and become manly, not angry.

Testosterone Supplements

A convenient way to boost testosterone levels in the body is to use supplements.

Naturally, you’d want to find the best deals and not pay more for the same thing yes? For some of the best sellers and best deals, click here.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Testosterone

So, to recap, here are the 5 Easy Ways to Increase Testosterone:

  1. Exercise – Strength/Weight training, avoid over-training
  2. Eat Well – More healthy fats, cholesterol’s o-k, avoid refined grains
  3. Lose Fat – Stop abese = low testosterone = more obese cycle
  4. Get Enough Sleep – So that your body can produce enough T
  5. Supplementation – Convenient testosterone boosters to consider


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