Cheap Supplements Singapore FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do you take orders?

No, orders are made directly at iHerb.


How do I get the discount?

To get the US$5 discount, simply make sure that the iHerb promo code ZEL439 is applied during checkout. Remember you can you use promo code for future orders as well!

If you use the links from this site, it should be done automatically. If not, just key it in and update the cart.

Learn more here: How to use iHerb promo code ‘ZEL439’


Is the discount coupon for 1st time orders only?

No, it’s for all existing and new customers, so feel free to use it on all your future orders to get 5% discount!


I’m from Malaysia/ Indonesia / Australia / UK / Thailand / Philippines / Vietnam / etc, can I use this service as well?

Of course! Like I said before, they’re popular not just in the US, but all over the world. So while this site is focused mainly on Singapore, you can still order even if you’re not from here.

Just be sure to check with your local authorities on import taxes, etc. The US$4 flat shipping rate and discounted DHL options should also be available to most countries.


Where do you get the local prices from?

They are from your favourite local stores, both online and offline, including but not limited to Nutrifirst, Fit Lion, NTUC’s Unity, Watsons, Guardian, Eat Organic, Four Seasons Organic Market, GNC, Nature’s Farm, Holland & Barrett.

I usually use discounted prices in my comparisons just to show how expensive they still are even after ‘discounts’.


Why don’t you set up a store and sell the products yourself?

I’m actually surprised by how many have told me that they’d buy from me if I were to set up a proper online store. Doing so would defeat the purpose of this site however, as that would add additional costs like transportation, warehousing, employees and tax, increasing prices for you, which is the problem plaguing the other online supplement stores in Singapore.

And it’s easier for you too. You can shop with your own account whenever and wherever you like.


Is it safe to order from iHerb or other online stores?

Everybody knows that buying anything online from an unknown source isn’t safe especially with the rise of China, a counterfeit powerhouse. From checking comments on eBay retailers to reading reviews, it’s very important to do a little research before you commit.

iHerb is recommended because:

– It’s one of the largest online retailers in the world

– Based in the USA

– Most, if not all products are large US brands

– Most products are Made in the USA

– Affordable prices, affordable shipping

– iHerb is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ for supplements.

A multi award winning, Google Trusted company

safe1 was created because my heart breaks when I see people spending lots of money on supplements when they can get the exact same thing for much less on sites like iHerb.


Can you prove that iHerb is safe?

Thousands of people around the world, including your fellow Singaporeans, are already enjoying the huge savings. It wouldn’t be one of the largest retailers in the world otherwise yes?

I order often, not only for myself, but also for my family, relatives and friends. Just recently, my auntie and 2 cousins registered their own accounts to order on their own and everything’s going very smoothly.


Why should I order through iHerb and not buy them locally?

Ok, answer this: knowing that you can get the same products from iHerb at 30-70% off, if not more, why would you want to buy them locally?

Even the faster DHL option is heavily discounted, so unless it’s so urgent that you can’t even wait for 3-4 days, there’s no reason not to buy your stuff from iHerb


Will I be charged GST?

There is NO GST for orders below S$400 (including shipping)

Click here to learn more about taxes and restrictions


What’s the Shipping Time to Singapore?

The flat rate shipping option from Singpost states 4-8 days. In my experience, it takes about 5 days to arrive.

DHL’s listed shipping time is 2-4 days. The average is 3 working days, and the earliest I had was 2 working days.


What’s the Shipping Cost?

Now there’s free shipping for orders above S$ 81.77 (US$60)

What’s your favourite shipping method?

The free shipping I get when I order above S$ 81.77 (US$60).

My 2nd would be DHL as it’s fast, you can reschedule a missed delivery and it’s still very competitively priced.

Click here to learn more about the available shipping methods or check out a sample order that was delivered via DHL.


Can You Order For Me?

No. Not because I can’t, but because I won’t. 2 reasons: It’s impractical long term, and I believe in teaching people to fish.

I’ve had existing customers email me for help and I’m ok with that… because I’m nice like that =D. So, feel free to send me an email if you need help or clarifications.


What have you bought?

iherb singapore sample 2

Who said everything had to be healthy? Krinkle cut kettle chips, with organic almonds and Brazil nuts still in the box

Almost everything. I’ve bought supplements of course, for myself or my relatives (i.e. grandparents who don’t know how to use the computer). Organic soaps, shower gelsshampoo, toners, organic yerba mate tea and coconut oil, etc. I’ve got a whole collection of Simply Organic herbs and spices. I even got a can of clamssunblock and even krinkle cut potato chips from Kettle Chips recently.

Basically, anything I see at watsons, guardian, GNC and local organic stores, I’ll search at iHerb first.


More Questions? Just want to say hi? Feel free to use the Contact Form to send an email =)