iHerb Haul 1 (Singapore)

Here’s an iherb haul made awhile back! (hence the poor picture quality.. sorry). It showcases the wide variety of products that’s available and the savings you can get when ordering from iHerb to Singapore.

Match items from the picture above with the alphabets.

a. Aura Cacia Essential Oil,
Pure Tea Tree Oil, 59ml
Takashimaya Similar – S$138
iHerb – US$18.70  (S$24.31)

b. Aura Cacia Essential Oil,
Pure Eucalyptus Oil, 59ml
Takashimaya Similar – S$128
iHerb – US$12.94  (S$16.82)

c. Now Foods Essential Oil,
Pure Organic Lavender Oil, 30ml
Isetan Similar – S$78
iHerb – US$11.46  (S$14.90)

d. Now Foods Essential Oil,
Pre-Diluted Sandalwood (14%), 30ml
Isetan Similar – S$88
iHerb – US$15.28  (S$19.86)

e. St Dalfour,
Organic Earl Grey Tea, 25 bags
Similar – S$17
iHerb – US$3.32  (S$4.32)



f. Aubrey Organics,
Everyday Body Soap, Herbal Liquid, 473ml
Local Organic Store – S$29.90
iHerb – US$12.75  (S$16.58)

g. Aubrey Organics,
Men’s Stock, Ginseng Biotin Shampoo, 237ml
Local Organic Store – S$24.90
iHerb – US$8.46  (S$11)

h. HimalaSalt,
Himalayan Sea Salt, 198g
Local Organic Store – S$24
iHerb – US$7.35  (S$9.55)

i. Now Foods,
Calcium Citrate, 240 capsules
GNC Similar  – S$50 each
iHerb – US$15.28 each (S$19.86)

j. Now Foods,
Omega 3 Fish Oil, 500 capsules
Guardian/Watsons Similar – S$89.90
iHerb – US$18.77  (S$24.40)

k. Muscletech,
Hydroxycut Hardcore, 210 capsules
GNC – S$210*
iHerb – US$61.78  (S$80.31)

Total iHerb Haul Weight: 9.16lbs, 4.16kg
DHL Delivery Cost: US$15.67  (S$20.37)
Average Cost of Delivery per item: S$1.85
Arrival Time: 4 days

Total iHerb Cost (inclusive of Delivery) – US$196.60 (S$255.58)
Total cost if items are bought locally – S$927.70
Total Savings – S$672.48,  72% !

No GST – Because the total amount was S$255.58, which is less then S$400, so no GST was levied. Find out how to avoid taxes when shopping online here.


*Calculations used for this iherb haul

All prices were accurate at the time of purchase and are subject to change. Stay updated by checking with the relevant stores/sites.

Conversion rate used: US$1 = S$1.3

Hydroxycut – GNC doesn’t carry 210 capsule bottles, so based on the available 120 capsule bottle, it’s approximately $1/capsule after 20% discount.

All GNC quotes are based on VIP Prices.

Final weight includes free St. Dalfour ceramic cup that’s not shown in the picture from an offer at the time of purchase.


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