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Jarrow Formulas, which is based in Los Angeles, California, USA, is a formulator and supplier of superior nutritional supplements. The company was founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1988.

Jarrow Formulas’ mission is reflected in its motto ‘Superior Nutrition and Formulation’.

Jarrow Formulas’ complete line of nutritional products includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates, amino acids, enzymes and enteral nutrition products. everyone is assured of purity, value and potency when choosing these products.

The company is active in monitoring governmental regulatory affairs, which affect the nutritional industry. It also vigorously promotes the rights of Americans to free access to dietary supplements. Jarrow Formulas funds research studies on important nutritional products such as CoQ10, to ensure that customers receive the full biological value of these products.

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jarrow formulas singapore dophilus probioticJarrow Formulas
Jarro-Dophilus EPS, Probiotic

Jarro-Dophilus EPS is ideal for traveling when refrigeration is not readily available. Capsules are individually blister packed to help ensure shelf stability. With 5 billion organisms per capsules comprising of 8 clinically documented probiotic strains.

Balanced Living: 60 caps, SGD$42.95. 120 caps, SGD$64.95.
iHerb: 60 Veggie Caps, US$16.07 (SGD$ 21.61) or less
iHerb: 120 Veggie Caps, US$28.67 (SGD$ 38.56) or less


jarrow formulas singapore chlorellaJarrow Formulas
Yaeyama Chlorella

Grown in the environmentally pristine coral reef region of Japan’s Ishigaki Island using mountain spring water, Yaeyama Chlorella provides chlorophyll, RNA, DNA and proteins, and is a source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Yaeyama Chlorella supports healthy cell function and promotes detoxification, especially heavy metal excretion.

Balanced Living:
100g powder/150 cap 400mg, SGD$37.95
1kg powder, SGD$149.95. 
: 100g (3.5 oz), US$9.34 (SGD$ 12.56) or less
iHerb: 1kg (35.3 oz), US$58.40 (SGD$ 78.54) or less
iHerb: 400mg, 150 calsules, US$9.93 (SGD$ 13.35) or less
iHerb: 200 mg, 300 Easy-Solv Tablets, US$11.68 (SGD$ 15.71) or less


jarrow formulas singapore bone upJarrow Formulas
Bone Up
360 Capsules

Doesn’t use traditional calcium carbonate/citrate. Bone-Up provides ossein MicroCrystalline HydroxyApatite (MCHA) complex (from free-range New Zealand calves). Clinically demonstrated not to disproportionately spike calcium blood levels, unlike calcium carbonates/citrates. Formula includes ingredients for increased absorption and effectiveness.

iHerb: US$27.97 (SGD$ 37.61) or less


cla singapore jarrow'sJarrow Formulas
CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid
90 Softgels

750 mg CLA from 1000 mg Safflower Oil, not red meat or dairy. Helps reduce body fat and maintain lean body mass. CLA has been shown in animal experiments to assist in glucose metabolism and enhancement/retention of lean body mass (muscle). Tonalin CLA – licensed from BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH.

iHerb: US$13.43 (SGD$ 18.06) or less


jarrow formulas singapore coconut oilJarrow Formulas
Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Jarro-Dophilus EPS is ideal for traveling when refrigeration is not readily available. Capsules are individually blister packed to help ensure shelf stability. With 5 billion organisms per capsules comprising of 8 clinically documented probiotic strains.

iHerb: 454g (16 oz), US$11.20 (SGD$ 15.06) or less
iHerb: 946g (32 oz), US$19.04 (SGD$ 38.56) or less


omega 3 fish oil jarrowJarrow Formulas
EPA-DHA Balance, Omega 3 Fish Oil
240 Softgels 

EPA-DHA Balance contains ultra-purified and highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. EPA-DHA Balance offers synergistic benefits from both important omega 3 fatty acids in a 2:1 ratio. 400mg EPA / 200mg DHA per softgel instead of he usual 180mg EPA / 120mg DHA.

iHerb: US$21.84 (SGD$ 29.37) or less


jarrow formulas singapore wheyJarrow Formulas
100% Natural Whey Protein
908g (32 oz) 

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein is a 100% natural protein concentrate of whey, from cows not treated with growth hormone (rBST), and is ultrafiltered to be low in fat, lactose and carbohydrates. Each scoop also provides a total of 4g of BCAAs.

iHerb: Chocolate, US$26.86 (SGD$ 36.12) or less
iHerb: Vanilla US$26.86 (SGD$ 36.12) or less


jarrow formulas singapore grass fed wheyJarrow Formulas
Grass Fed Whey Protein

Jarrow Formulas Grass Fed Whey Protein comes from South Australian cows fed grass year round and not treated with growth hormone (rBST) or antibiotics. South Australia is a temperate climate zone, which allows the dairy cows to roam the open pastures, untainted by pesticides.

iHerb: Unflavoured, 360g (12.7 oz), US$17.52 (SGD$ 23.56) or less
iHerb: Chocolate, 391g (13.8 oz), US$18.69 (SGD$ 25.13) or less
iHerb: Vanilla, 370g (13 oz), US$17.52 (SGD$ 23.56) or less


jarrow formulas singapore creatineJarrow Formulas
Creatine Monohydrate Kilo
1kg (35.3 oz) Powder

Creatine Phosphate maximizes physical performance and reduces exercise fatigue by absorbing hydrogen ions released by muscles in the form of lactic acid. Intense anaerobic exercise, such as weight lifting and sprinting, depletes ATP and greatly increases the demand for creatine.

iHerb: US$24.53 (SGD$ 32.99) or less


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