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Simply Organic

Launched in 2001, Simply Organic is a brand of 100% certified organic line of spices, seasoning mixes and baking flavours. It offers an unrivaled selection of organic seasonings and gives back 1% of its sales to support organic growers and the organic community.

Organic Origins

simply organic singapore awardsSimply Organic is a brand of Frontier Co-op, a cooperative whose member/owners have been strong supporters of organic agriculture since the 1970s. Frontier led the industry in recognizing the value of organic agriculture and was offering organically grown herbs and spices beginning in 1978. Frontier not only offered organic products, we also actively encouraged organic agriculture around the world, supporting growers with training and financial support for organic certification.

Giving Back and Supporting Organic Growers

Simply Organic gives back a full one percent of sales, not profits, through its Simply Organic 1% Fund to promote organic agriculture in every way from training small farmers to supporting research into organic growing.

A notable project, implemented with joint funding from the Simply Organic 1% Fund and the Frontier Foundation, is a continuing scholarship in the farming apprentice program of the University of California Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.

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Here are some of the best selling Herbs and Spices from Simply Organic:

simply organic singapore almond extractSimply Organic

Almond Extract

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. Kosher. No Sugar Added! Sweet essence of a nut, especially tasty for pastry. Can you see bear claws, croissants and turnovers coming your way?

Cold Storage: 59ml (2 fl oz), SGD$11.35
4 Seasons Organic Market: 118ml (4 fl oz), SGD$15.66 (U.P. SGD$17.40)
iHerb: 59ml (2 fl oz), US$4.46 (SGD$ 6.01) or less
iHerb: 118ml (4 fl oz), US$5.71 (SGD$ 7.69) or less


simply organic singapore vanilla extractSimply Organic
Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract

Our extract is made using the highest quality, Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar.
Full. Rich. Buttery smooth. This is the standard flavor imagined when thinking of vanilla ice cream.

4 Seasons Organic Market: 118ml (4 fl oz), SGD$24.80
iHerb: 59ml (2 fl oz), US$4.85 (SGD$ 6.53) or less
iHerb: 118ml (4 fl oz), US$8.38 (SGD$ 11.29) or less
iHerb: 236ml (8 fl oz), US$14.22 (SGD$ 19.16) or less


simply organic singapore onion powderSimply Organic
Onion Powder
85g (3 oz)

The distinctly strong taste of onion is indispensable in the kitchen. Its warm, sweet and salty flavor shines in most savory dishes. It’s especially good for sauces and gravies, canned foods, meats, spice blends, soups and spreads.

Fairprice: Mccormick Onion Powder, non organic, 74g, SGD$6.70
4 Seasons Organic Market: SGD$14.30
iHerb: US$4.69 (SGD$ 6.32) or less


simply organic singapore gingerSimply Organic
Ginger Powder
46g (1.64 oz)

Ginger’s warm, spicy-sweet flavor and pungent aroma are unmistakable. It’s a universally popular flavoring that lends its name to three familiar foods–gingerbread, gingersnaps and ginger ale. Also popular in stir-fries and sauces, and in spice blends like curry powder.

4 Seasons Organic Market: SGD$15
iHerb: US$4.93 (SGD$ 6.64) or less


simply organic singapore cardamomSimply Organic
Cardamom Powder
80g (2.82 oz)

Try cardamom in cakes, cookies and pies, stews and loaves, meat and vegetable pies, fruit salads and desserts (like baked apple), mulled wine, grape jelly, pickles, sausage seasoning, soups (especially split pea soup), and with sweet potatoes, carrots and squash.

4 Seasons Organic Market: SGD$14.30
iHerb: US$9.10 (SGD$ 12.26) or less


simply organic singapore chiliSimply Organic
Chili Powder
82g (2.89 oz)

Use the kick of chili pepper (with or without an added array of complimentary spices) to create lively Mexican or Tex-Mex fare. Or experiment with each variety (and in unexpected places) to keep everyone on his and her toes.

Organic Sunny Choice: SGD$11.50
iHerb: US$4.45 (SGD$ 6.00) or less


simply organic singapore cayenneSimply Organic
Cayenne Powder
82g (2.89 oz)

This colorful, ground chili pepper will turn up the heat and color in your cooking. Use it in favorite ethnic recipes, or sprinkle it on at the table whenever a dish needs extra zip.

Organic Sunny Choice: SGD$11.50
iHerb: US$4.45 (SGD$ 6.00) or less


simply organic singapore basilSimply Organic
15g (0.54 oz)

Basil is a customary seasoning in tomato-based sauces, juices, and pesto. It blends well with oregano for pizza sauce, and with other seasonings, especially lemon, garlic, and thyme.

4 Seasons Organic Market: SGD$12.10
iHerb: US$3.97 (SGD$ 5.35) or less


simply organic singapore cinnamonSimply Organic
Cinnamon Powder
69g (2.45 oz)

Cinnamon is the world’s most popular baking spice. You’ll recognize its familiar taste and aroma in cakes, breads, cookies, breads and pies, dumplings, puddings, pastries and ice cream. Also popular in savoury dishes!

4 Seasons Organic Market: SGD$12.95
iHerb: US$4.38 (SGD$ 5.90) or less


simply organic singapore sour cream dipSimply Organic
French Onion Dip Mix
12 Packets, 31g (1.10 oz) each

America’s Most Popular Dip! Prepare fresh in minutes, just mix with sour cream!. USDA Organic, vegetarian, kosher, certified gluten-free.

iHerb: US$16.13 (SGD$ 21.73) or less



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