iHerb Coupon Promo Code

Looking for an iHerb coupon promo code? Here you go: ‘ZEL439’

What discounts do I get for using the iHerb Coupon Promo Code?

– Discount applies to ALL New and Existing Customers.

– For orders below USD$40, the code grants you a US$5 discount

– For orders that are USD$40 and above, the code grants you an additional 5% Discount, for a total of US$5 + 5% Discount

– Also, get an additional 10% loyalty rebate that can be used on your next order within 60 days!

Just use the links above or key it in when you check out, it’s that easy. (Why iHerb? Click here to find out.)

Also, until further notice, you can get Free iHerb Shipping to Singapore for orders above USD$40 (calculated after discount)!

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Note: Discount applies for all new customers, shipping offers vary with country but it’s generally very cheap. There’s a US$4 flat rate shipping for most countries which is reliable and reasonably fast.


How To Use iHerb Coupon Promo Code ZEL439

There are 2 easy ways to use the iHerb coupon promo code.

Automated Links

The 1st way is to use the links provided in this site. Links from CheapSupplements.com.sg that goes to iHerb already has the coupon coded into them. You’ll be able to see the coupon discount being reflected during the checkout process after you’ve created and logged into your account.

Manual Entry

The 2nd method is extremely easy as well. All you need to do is to enter the code ‘ZEL439‘ into the ‘Apply Coupon Code’ space near where the subtotals are, hit ‘enter’ or click on the yellow button, and the code will be applied, with the discount reflected in the final amount.

Note that you’ll only see the ‘Apply Coupon Code’ space after you’ve created and logged into your account. Here’s an example:

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Why iHerb?

iHerb is Safe

iHerb a US based online retailer that’s been around for a long time. It’s a multiple award winning google entrusted store and an Elite Stella Service Provider.

iHerb coupon promo code safe

iHerb coupon promo code stella



iHerb has Cheap, Fast, and Reliable Shipping, Worldwide

iherb coupon code singpostUntil further notice, you can get free 3-5 day shipping to Singapore using Singpost for orders above US$40!

Not fast enough? Ordering for a huge family? Then there’s the heavily discounted DHL 2-4 day option as well!

Not in Singapore? No problem! The US$4 flat rate shipping is also available to most countries like the UK, Australia, Philipines, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and more!

iHerb has Huge Variety

With hundreds of international brands featuring over 30,000 products covering everything from multivitamins, organic spices, body care, and glucosamine for dogs and cats, you can be sure that there’s something for everyone.

iHerb is Cheap

iHerb expect to so hundreds, and even thousands, off your favorite supplements. And we’re not talking about cheap Chinese knockoffs from some obscure blog online. We’re talking about about real products from big companies like Now Foods, Nordic Naturals, Natrol, Doctor’s Best and more.

New to iHerb? Get Free Singpost Shipping if the order is more than S$ 54.51 (US$40)! Also, get an additional 5% loyalty rebate that can be used on your next order within 60 days!

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