iHerb Free Shipping to Singapore

Offer Update: Free iHerb Shipping to Singapore until further notice!
– For orders above US$60, usual limits apply
– For New & Existing customers

I’m going to burst your bubble straight up: iHerb does not have free delivery to Singapore.


Well. That’s not exactly true either. There have been offers, but they are extremely rare, and by rare, I mean, once every 1-2 years? That’s not an issue of course, because shipping to Singapore from iHerb is extremely affordable.

The 2 most popular ones are the US$4 flat rate shipping, and the discounted DHL option.

Th flat rate option only takes 4-8 working days to arrive with an allowance for orders valued up to US$100, and weighing 14 lbs (6.3kg).

The DHL option takes only 3-5 working days to the your order to your door, is great for larger orders, and for orders US$40, you can easily get 90+% off their usual rates with iHerb.

Remember, there are 4 additional ways to save on iHerb!:

  • 5% Discount: All new and old iHerb customers get 5% Discount with promo code ‘ZEL439‘!
    • Just use the links here to auto-apply the iherb promo code, or manually enter it when you checkout
  • Free Shipping: Get Free Shipping if the order is more than S$ 81.77 (US$60)!
  • 5% Loyalty Rebate: Get an additional 5% loyalty rebate that can be used on your next order within 60 days!
  • Avoid GST: Just make sure the total value of the order (including shipping) is less than S$400!

Just use the links above or key it in when you check out, it’s that easy. (Why iHerb? Click here to find out.)

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