iHerb SG Promo Code + Free Shipping

Thousands of Singaporeans have already discovered the huge savings that can get from shopping at iHerb.

Here are 5 easy ways to maximise the discounts you can get at iHerb, for all customers, old and new!

iherb sg promo code1. Use iHerb SG Promo Code ‘ZEL439’ (Reusable!)

Get 5% off your order when you use the promo code ‘ZEL439′! Applies to existing customers too!

Just use the links here and it will be automatically applied when you check out. Or, you can always just key the code ‘ZEL439’ manually when you check out, it’s that easy!

Remember, this is for NEW and EXISTING customers, so keep for future orders!

2. Use Free or Discounted Expedited Shipping

There are 3 main methods for shipping to Singapore from iHerb, and they are Singpost, DHL Express and UPS, with Singpost and DHL Express being the 2 most popular options.

SingPost – US$4 Flat Rate, or FREE!

Just spend above US$40 SingPost you can ship up to US$200 worth of products with a maximum weight of 10 kilos (22lbs) via SingPost! Valid for new and existing customers. Takes only 4-8 days to arrive!

DHL Express – Discounted Expedited Shipping

Can’t wait? The 2nd most popular option only takes 2-4 days to ship, and prices start at only US$8 for up to 68kg (150lbs).

 3. Additional 5% Loyalty Rebate

Whenever you make a purchase, you will get a loyalty rebate that’s 10% of that order’s value (Before discount! Excludes Shipping Value). This rebate can be used to offset your next order within 60 days!

4. Avoid 7% GST

It’s very easy to avoid GST when ordering goods into Singapore from stores like iHerb.

The GST threshold for importing goods is S$400.

So, all you need to do is make sure that your *total* amount, which includes shipping and insurance (if any) is less than S$400!

5. Save extra 5-10% with Bulk Discounts

Order 4 or more of the same item and get 5% discount off that item.

Order 8 or more of the same item and get 10% discount off that item.

The more you buy, the more you save. Stacks with other offers!


So, to summarize, here are the 5 Easy Ways to Maximize iHerb SG Discounts:

  1. Use Coupon Code ‘ZEL439‘ for new and existing customers
  2. Use Free Shipping by SingPost, or Discounted DHL Express
  3. Additional 5% Loyalty Rebate from your current order. Can use within 60 days!
  4. Avoid GST – Just keep orders below S$400 (total cost, including shipping and insurance)
  5. Bulk Discount – Buy at least 4 of the same item to get additional discounts!


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