Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

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Why Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

Surpasses International Pharmaceutical Standards

Nordic Naturals not only follows, but exceeds the stringent European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS), as well as the voluntary standards set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).

Award Winning Purity levels

Nordic Naturals was ranked #1 out of the top 10 fish oil brands in Norway for freshness, purity, and highest concentration.

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Patented Manufacturing Process

Several steps are used in processing, from water and clay filters to molecular distillation, with no chemicals or excessive heat, to preserve the natural constituents of the oil.

True Triglyceride Form for Optimal Absorption

The established health benefits of omega–3s are based on decades of data, mostly based on natural triglyceride omega-3s. Unlike most fish oils on the market today that are in the synthetic ethyl ester molecular form, Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is produced in true triglyceride form to ensure optimal absorption and results.

New research shows that the absorption advantage of the triglyceride form is significant—up to 70% more than ethyl esters.

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High Potency – 325mg EPA / 225mg DHA

Most Omega 3 Fish Oil products contain 180mg EPA / 120mg DHA per softgel. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega has 325mg EPA / 225mg DHA per softgel instead, which means you get about 83% more Omega 3s per softgel then standard supplements.

Great Tasting and Stays Fresh with Natural Stabilizers

Many years of research has led to the use of  Vitamin E and Rosemary extract to enhance the long term freshness for fish oils with no fishy smell or taste, improved compliance, and great results.

Environmentally Friendly with Sustainable Sourcing

Numerous initiatives implemented to reduce pollution and overfishing, including:

  • Regulated Fishing
  • Bycatch Prevention
  • Habitat Protection
  • Marine Pollution Prevention
  • Wild-caught, Sustainably-sourced Fishes: Arctic Cod (Skrei), Pacific Sardines & Peruvian Anchovies

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Nordic Naturals Singapore Prices

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Where to buy

Below are the prices from iHerb. With the comparisons above, you can see why recommends iHerb for all your supplement and organic purchases. Here are the prices for Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega:


nordic naturals ultimate omega singaporeNordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
Lemon Flavour, 180 Soft Gels

(Per Softgel: 325mg EPA / 225mg DHA, Triglyceride)

In superior triglyceride form. The #1-selling concentrated Omega 3 fish oil in the U.S., with almost double the EPA and DHA per softgel. With lemon oil for a refreshing taste.

Watsons: SGD$149.80 (SGD$99.87 per bottle, after 3 for 2 discount)
iHerb: US$59.46 (SGD$ 80.31) or less


nordic naturals ultimate omega liquid singaporeNordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
Lemon Flavor, Liquid Form
(Per serving: 1450mg EPA / 1060mg DHA, Triglyceride)

In superior triglyceride form. The #1-selling concentrated Omega 3 fish oil in the U.S., with almost double the EPA and DHA per softgel. With lemon oil for a refreshing taste.

iHerb: 119ml (4 fl oz) US$37.76 (SGD$ 51.00) or less
iHerb: 237ml (8 fl oz) US$64.76 (SGD$ 87.47) or less


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