Testosterone Supplements Singapore

There are many ways to increase testosterone, and they include simple things like sleeping and eating well. However, there are times when you’d like that extra little bit of help, yes?

So, here are some of the more popular testosterone supplements you can get around Singapore:

Note: DHEA is controlled in Singapore under the HSA’s Poisons Act, so avoid supplements with DHEA in them.

Testosterone Supplement Prices around SG

For comparisons sake, here are some products that can be found around Singapore. Are they cheaper? See for yourself. Click to enlarge some example deals.

Where to buy

Below are the prices of some best selling testosterone boosters from iHerb. With the comparisons below, you can see why CheapSupplement.com.sg recommends iHerb for all your supplement and organic purchases.


testosterone supplements singapore t-bombMaximum Human Performance (MHP)
T-Bomb 3xtreme
168 Tablets

New groundbreaking research at the University of Tampa Human Performance Laboratory shows that Clinical Strength T-Bomb 3xtreme not only increase total testosterone, it resulted in 32% greater bioactive free testosterone in just six weeks

tsw: S$84
iHerb: US$37.99 (S$ 51.31) or less


testosterone supplements singapore testojack 200Now Foods

Testojack is Now Foods’ testosterone supplement formula. There are 3 main formulas, each with a different focus:

Testojack 100 – Formula, general support of men’s glandular and reproductive health.
Testojack 200 – Formula, promotion of reproductive health and sexual drive.
Testojack 300 – 300mg Tonkat Ali focused

tsw: Testojack 100, 60 capsules, S$35
iHerb: Testojack 100, 60 capsules, US$17.20 (S$ 23.23) or less
iHerb: Testojack 100, 120 capsules, US$30.58 (S$ 41.31) or less
iHerb: Testojack 200, 60 capsules, US$21.03 (S$ 28.41) or less
iHerb: Testojack 200, 120 capsules, US$35.68 (S$ 48.19) or less
iHerb: Testojack 300, 60 capsules, US$25.48 (S$ 34.42) or less


testosterone supplements singapore z-core pmMuscle Pharm
Z-Core PM, Anabolic Mineral Support Formula, with Fenugreek
60 Capsules

Delivers benefits of precise dosages and Z-Core PM ingredient ratios, and adds the synergistic effects of fenugreek to support natural levels of free testosterone and healthy libido function in women and men

tsw: S$28
iHerb: US$15.49 (S$ 20.92) or less


testosterone supplements singapore tribulus extremeNow Foods
Tribulus Extreme
90 Veggie Caps

Tribulus Extreme blends the power of Tribulus with other complementary herbs to create a product that targets male performance and endurance. Research indicated it may help to boost normal endocrine function and male sexual health.

tsw: S$35
iHerb: US$17.83 (S$ 24.08) or less


testosterone supplements singapore life extensionLife Extension
Super Miraforte, with Standardized Lignans
120 Veggie Caps

Chrysin and nettle root extract reduces conversion of testosterone to estrogen while maintaining free testosterone levels. Fortified with the natural libido booster Muira puama, Bioperine to enhance absorption of chrysin, and lignan extracts to combat the effects of high estrogen.

iHerb: US$46.50 (S$ 62.81) or less


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